It is clear that there is a hunger; a visceral need to reunite with the past; to learn from history, and to create a more fortuitous future. It is from this hunger that History At Play™, LLC was berthed.

HAP, LLC's debut performance, A Revolution of Her Own!™, chronicling the life of Deborah Sampson, premiered in 2010, and has been touring nonstop, playing nearly 2,000 times nationwide, and appearing Off-Broadway, on 42nd Street, New York City.

About History At Play™, LLC 
History At Play™, LLC was created to educate and entertain audiences, young and old worldwide. Our Immersive Living History Experiences breathe life into the stories of influential and often forgotten figures. Founder & Artistic Director Judith Kalaora created educational escapism through her work as an 18th-Century historical interpreter in Boston, MA. It was there that she portrayed The American Heroine Deborah Sampson and noted the repeated occurrence of visitors asking:

 "Tell me more about Deborah!"
​Our Immersive Living History Experiences first brought HAP, LLC to the senior living circuit. It was at these communities that we found loving, supportive, and genuine audiences. After each event, the resounding call to action was:

"Who else do you portray?"

​Within a year of our inception, we created two more Immersive Living History productions to chronicle the lives of Lucy Stone, a suffragist and human rights activist, and Annie Adams Fields, an author and philanthropist. Then, in 2013, Tinseltown Inventor™: The Most Beautiful Woman in the World, debuted, portraying Hollywood Starlet and technological phenom Hedy Lamarr. In 2016, HAP, LLC returned to its Massachusetts roots, in honor of the 30th Anniversary of NASA's Teacher in Space shuttle mission, to highlight the life and achievements of Christa McAuliffe. This critically acclaimed, award winning program won the approval of The McAuliffe and Corrigan Families. On Pearl Harbor Day 2017, HAP, LLC premiered World War Women™: The Unsung Heroines of WWII. In 2018, The Paul Revere Memorial Association commissioned HAP, LLC, as did the City of Boston and Suffrage100MA in 2019. 2020 saw HAP, LLC become the only theatre troupe in the nation to immediately pivot to offer its repertoire entirely by livestream technology and in 2021, we premiere MADAM SARAH™ for The Hingham Historical Society, followed by become the debut of Diana of LOVE™ in 2022 to honor England's Rose, Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales.

No matter where History At Play™ performs, our historical performers inspire and exhilarates audiences.
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