It is clear that there is a hunger; a visceral need to reunite with the past; to learn from history, and to create a more fortuitous future. It is from this need that History At Play™, LLC  (HAP, LLC) was berthed.

           HAP, LLC's debut performance, A Revolution of Her Own!™, chronicling the life of Deborah Sampson, premiered in 2010, and has toured nonstop, playing nearly 2,000 times nationwide, and appearing Off-Broadway, on 42nd Street, in New York City. The production's first livestream viewing in March 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, yielded nearly 1000 viewers.

About History At Play™, LLC 
          History At Play™, LLC was created to educate and entertain audiences worldwide. Our Immersive Living History Experiences breathe life into the stories of influential and often forgotten figures. Founder & Artistic Director J. Kalaora created educational escapism through their work as an 18th-Century historical interpreter and tour guide in Boston, MA. It was there that Kalaora portrayed The American Heroine Deborah Sampson and noted the repeated occurrence of guests asking:

 "Tell me more about Deborah!"
​          HAP, LLC proudly offers a portfolio of unique tailor-crafted events, productions, and experiences to maximize audience impact, expound upon emotional intelligence, and connect patrons and viewers to a world entirely unlike their own. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the company tours internationally and includes highly venerated interpreters, historians, and motivational speakers from across the globe. 2020 saw HAP, LLC pivot to virtual and hybrid programming in an efficient manner that caught the attention of journalists and industry leaders throughout Europe and the United States. Producing inspiring programming, tailor-designed for our clients is a passion. Providing ready-made Immersive Experiences for our patrons is our profession. Experiences are facilitated and accompanied by roundtable discussion, talkbacks, workshops, and lectures. Founder J. Kalaora is the winner of multiple awards conferred by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Senate and House of  Representatives; the four-time recipient of the Bob Jolly Charitable Trust Grant; the 2019 Recipient of the Dr. Bobby Gilmer Moss Lectureship Series Award, conferred by the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution; and has been featured in numerous publications and blogs for creating an impactful and prosperous industry out of historical interpretation. 

     In 2022, HAP, LLC is proud to debut Diana of LOVE™, honoring England's Rose, Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, on the 25th anniversary of her passing. This program delivers an impassioned recounting of The People's Princess' and her silent, yet stigmatized struggle with mental health. No matter where History At Play™, LLC performs, our historical interpreters and speakers inspire and exhilarate!
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