Tinseltown Inventor Hedy Lamarr™
          Upon hearing the name Hedy Lamarr, whom do you see? A smoldering, bejeweled temptress, perched on velour cushions, in the 1949 Hollywood classic Samson and Delilah? Or, a demure and professionally clad inventor, embarking on scientific ideas that were generations ahead of her time? 

          Hedy Lamarr was not only a great starlet in Hollywood’s Golden Age; she was also devoted to helping the Allies beat the NAZI forces of WWII. Whether selling war bonds for $50,000 a kiss, or inventing a secret communication system, with the help of American composer George Antheil, Hedy Lamarr knows she is more than just a glamorous girl!

          History At Play™ introduces you to a woman clouded in a fantasy world that only Tinseltown could create. Watch, as this young Viennese refugee transforms to become The Most Beautiful Woman in the World, all the while, inventing  world-changing technology that would become the foundation of Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, and all secure wireless telecommunications that use Spread Spectrum Technology. Suitable for ages 13 and up. ​This program contains mature themes.

Running Time: 60 minutes. Click HERE for our Production Flyer.

VENUE REQUIREMENTS: A chaise, settee, sofa, OR cushioned wingback chair.